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In  Summer the prevailing wind comes from the South East. This wind blows the warmer dirty water away from the eastern coast lines of Camps Bay, Oudekraal, Rooi Else and Gordons Bay an the colder clear water comes up to replace the warm dirty water. So in summer cold normally means clear unless there is a coral bloom. The water temperature is normally 9-12 degrees.

In Winter the prevailing wind comes from the North West. This is the wind that brings our winter rains. It also clears up the western side of False Bay, Simon's Town. The water is usually warmer between 12-18 degrees.

Good viz is very important on a dive, I would even say more important that warmth. When choosing a dive site make sure you can see through the waves into the kelp, then you are in for a good dive.

Use the below windguru forecast to see the prevailing wind.


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